VIS acquires 100% of FEW

VIS acquires 100% of FEW







Information about the Buyer

VIS GmbH has more than 175 years of production experience in rail vehicle construction. The Company with 200 employees is active in the modernization, conversion and redesign of rail vehicles. By the year 2001, a total of 12,000 vehicles had left the production halls. In May 2002 the Zeppenfeld Industrial Group took over VIS GmbH.
The Company had revenues of around 20 million Euros in 2018.

Information about the Target

Translink announces the acquisition of FEW – Fahrzeug- und Entwicklungswerk Blankenburg GmbH, a portfolio company of the Villmann Group, focusing on maintenance of freight waggons by VIS Verkehrs Industrie Systeme GmbH, a company engaged in rail vehicle construction, repair and maintenance.

The core business of Fahrzeug- und Entwicklungswerk Blankenburg GmbH (FEW) is the performance of maintenance and repair work on freight wagons. Furthermore, the company is specialized in the field of safety technology on the track. Moreover, FEW provides mobile teams for track construction sites to retrofit switches and signal boards, maintain outdoor facilities and carry out signage.
In the past years, the FEW generated a turnover of around 7 million Euros with more than 90 employees.



Andreas Hüchting

“With VIS GmbH, the ideal buyer for FEW could be found, as direct synergies result from the geographical proximity. We assume that both companies will now have new opportunities in a dynamic market”.

Mareike Maas