Private investors acquire riscLOG

Private investors acquire riscLOG







Information about the Buyer

This investor is a private investor.


Information about the Target

Transaction advisory to the owner of riscLOG in the sale process of company – a software development company, specialized in cloud based claim management software for the logistics industry.

riscLOG Solutions, founded in 2002, develops several software solutions for insurance companies. Focus product is “ClaimX”, one of the leading cloud based claim management software solutions for the logistics industry. The owners of riscLOG have opted for a succession solution to secure further company growth.

Axel Sander, shareholder risclLOG: “As a rather small firm with only 15 employees, our company had very successfully occupied a special niche. My wife and I managed the company together. Relations with employees and customers were cordial and close. Even as a successful company it is not trivial to arrange the succession nor ensure a successful sale. The cooperation with Translink in this regard went very well. We managed to hand over our firm into the hands of two entrepreneurs, who were successful in retaining customers and employees until this day. Many thanks to Andreas Hüchting and the entire Translink team.”


Andreas Hüchting

“The regulation of company succession was at the centre of considerations. Our client, the founder of risclog, was able to ideally implement the transition to the next generation by selling the company to an MBI manager with industry experience. Furthermore, the early regulation of company succession at riscLog could be ideally solved by the takeover by an MBI manager with industry experience”.

Dennis Magath