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M&A: Company Acquisition

Market leaders are growing through successful acquisitions and mergers. Currently, a whole range of industries are in a phase of upheaval due to intensified competition, increasing market maturity and technological change. It is predicted that this process will intensify.

We help companies and investors who are planning:

  • takeovers or mergers to accelerate the company’s growth
  • to invest capital in new companies and ventures

We assist across the entire process and we monitor and coordinate all secondary activities in connection with legal and tax services.

  1. the right choice of target company (complete overview of all possibilities)
  2. transparency about the actual values and development potentials of the acquired company (due diligence)
  3. securing transaction financing
  4. long-term involvement of existing management with appropriate incentive structure
  5. to address the post-merger integration at an early stage with the aim of achieving revenue and cost synergies

To attract financial investors, it is essential to have a significant investment story that thoroughly explains the company’s success factors and the impact on the control of key risk components.

Financial investors usually expect:

  • Strong product/service offering, a technological edge and stable revenue and margins
  • Appropriate return on capital employed
  • Experienced management with many years of industry experience
  • Protection of interests through special shareholder rights
  • The possibility to exit after a certain period (resale of shares to other shareholders, a new investor, or listing on a stock exchange)

We have a wealth of experience in selling targets to financial investors, which enables us to assess their expectations and priorities.

The management of a company interested in acquiring a company should behave as if it was piloting the plane just before the start. To do everything in the right order, it should not rely on your memory. You should have a list of things to do and know what to do if any of the activities does not lead to the expected goal. In particular it should see when to take off„. Russel A. Ackoff